Logbook Servicing

Enjoy automobile services ‘by the book’

Are you on the lookout for a complete servicing by the logbook with high-quality workmanship?

At Coco Eurotech, our highly experienced mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition to go on the road. Your vehicle, no matter if it is a car, truck or a tractor, need to be maintained at the top condition to greatly minimize any unwanted issues that may pop up when you are in the middle of the ride.

What Do You Need Logbook Servicing?

Through logbook servicing, your car will be serviced in accordance with the specifications provided in the logbook or the handbook by the manufacturer of the vehicle. When the logbook servicing requirements are followed, your vehicle can be maintained at a good condition at all times.

If you have followed the logbook servicing requirements on time, it can help in boosting the resale value of the vehicle and also in maintaining the warranty.

Your vehicle will be in a good condition all through its entire life when you service your vehicle at the times provided by the logbook. It will further cut down the maintenance and the repair costs you will have to bear if it isn’t being followed properly.

Certified Logbook Servicing Experts

Previously, there were some conditions for the logbook service to be done by the main dealer in order to validate the warranty. But that situation is changed. You can now choose any service dealer to service your vehicle by the logbook without bothering about your warranty becoming void.

Coco Eurotech is one of the few dealers in the Melbourne who can provide a completely reliable and trustworthy service by giving proper attention to every specified instruction in the logbook. We are also authorized to stamp your logbook for marking its service which will come in handy when you are planning to resell your vehicle.

We use only genuine manufacturer parts for replacements which will improve the longevity of your vehicle’s life and keep your vehicle warranty intact.

Maintain the Healthiness of Your Vehicle

At Coco Eurotech, we are most concerned with ensuring the safety by which you can drive the vehicle and therefore, we pay careful attention to every single work we do, be it just refilling the fluids or repairing the engine.

If you want to get logbook servicing done by our skilled mechanics, all you need to do is give us a call.

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