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When you feel any interruptions while driving the vehicle or hear some grinding noises, rough shifting or problems with acceleration, more often than not, it is the problems with the transmissions and the clutches. When such problems are neglected, it could lead to some major issues in your vehicle which will cost you a lot.

Proper maintenance of your transmission is essential to improve the quality of the ride. At Coco Eurotech, we are very cautious about checking the transmission health and the clutch efficiency of your vehicle to diagnose any issues that may pose huge issues in the future.

Do you feel any such signs while driving? Don’t wait till it is too late. Consult our mechanics now and get our issues cleared as soon as it crops up.

Keeping Your Transmission Healthy

The best way to prevent transmission problems is to check your transmission fluid periodically and keep it healthy. We, at Coco Eurotech, will remove your old transmission fluid and make a complete flush of the transmission fluid from the vehicle entire system and fill in a new, high-quality transmission liquid back to the system.

We will also check the system to ensure that there isn’t any contaminated, dirty transmission fluid in the vehicle before refilling it. We have some of the best equipment to suck out all such transmission fluids from the vehicle and get it back to its healthier state.

Oftentimes, the transmission problems are overlooked unless it becomes a major issue for the vehicle. You can schedule periodic quick checkups with us to check if the transmission system is healthy as you come in for your transmission fluid replacements.

Clutch Inspections, Repair and Replacements

Do you feel like there is something wrong with your clutch? Do you hear any sudden noises or have trouble while shifting gears?

You can always come in for a quick clutch inspection by one of our expert technicians. Our technicians are well-prepared to repair your clutch if it is possible else we will give you a free quote for the replacement of the clutch parts. We use genuine parts for all our jobs as recommended by the manufacturer. We don’t believe in throwing in cheap parts as we prioritize the quality of our work and the parts we provide at all times.

Schedule A Check-up with Coco Eurotech

It is always best to be safe than sorry. Schedule a checkup for your transmission system and the clutch parts with us now and get the problems resolved at the early stage.

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