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Manual or automatic, whatever your car type, transmission is the vital part for smooth performance. It is instrumental in turning the engine's power into forward movement, and any issues with transmission can cripple and reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. As transmission has lots of moving parts, proper lubrication is vital. .

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Coco Eurotech specialises in bespoke transmission and clutch maintenance services. As part of our transmission services, our auto technicians carry out tasks like draining transmission fluid, removal and cleaning of oil pan, inspection of fluid effectiveness, full transmission flushes and checking for leaks.

If transmission has a bigger issue, our experts can carefully disassemble, identify issues and replace parts with authorised spares.

Clutch inspection, repairs and replacements

We also carry out extensive clutch efficiency services, as proper clutch performance is important for good transmission health. As you know, your car's clutch allows your engine and gearbox to engage and disengage during gear changes. Regular usage can make the clutch get worn and less effective. A damaged clutch is detrimental to the health of your transmission. With diagnostic testing and test drives, our experts carry out repairs and replacements with genuine spares.

You can always come in for a quick clutch inspection by one of our expert technicians. Our technicians are well-prepared to repair your clutch if it is possible else we will give you a free quote for the replacement of the clutch parts. We use genuine parts for all our jobs as recommended by the manufacturer. We don’t believe in throwing in cheap parts as we prioritize the quality of our work and the parts we provide at all times.

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