Air conditioning plays an important role to enhance your comfort during a drive. But, prolonged usage can reduce the efficiency and capabilities of your AC unit. The expert technicians at Coco Eurotech can diagnose, contain and rectify faults on time, and ensure that your AC unit is functioning optimally.

Expert air conditioning service and solutions!

Coco Eurotech specialises in quick and effective air conditioning unit repairs. You might face a number of issues when your AC unit is not performing efficiently.

. You might notice less than ideal cooling or warming capabilities

. Have a damaged refrigerant

. You might notice a damp or musty smell in the air that blows from the unit

. Low airflow even at highest fan setting

. The defroster not functioning optimally

You might also face problems with pressure switches, broken belts, compressor issues etc. Call us today! We will carry out a thorough check, diagnose the problem and give a free estimate for repairs.

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